Hello everyone!

My name is Rita and I am a graphic designer (studied at ELISAVA) and illustrator (at EINA) from Barcelona. I believe in the power of images and the graphic communication and its role in many aspects of our lives. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies (E-UREK) and worked on my own as an illustrator.

However, I am a daughter of a sculptress and I’ve been surrounded by an artistic atmosphere all my life, drawing and painting is my passion. I love illustration and I am currently working as a teacher of artistic creation for children. I like manufactured designs, crafts, I prefer working with my hands instead of computers and I am multifaceted.

I design, I draw and I do crafts, and I don’t want to categorize myself.

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[2015] La mirada il·lustrada, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya i Eina: 26 reportatges gràfics del

museu. MNAC, Barcelona.

[2015] Tag.Ghiamoci, organized by Double Studio for “Settimana Europea della mobilità”.

Polo Museale Atac, Roma.

[2015] Welcome to the jungle. Barra de Ferro, Barcelona.

[2014] ¿Un Tzompantli en Sarrià? Eina Creative illustration. Gerbard, Barcelona.

[2014] La fiesta de la muerte. The Walrus Gallery, Barcelona.